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History of TV Taxis

Owner of TV Taxis, Vic Simonczyk, comes from humble beginnings having been bought up on a coal mining estate in Cannock, Staffordshire. Vic worked at Littleton Colliery for 18 years, working on the coal face and fully understanding the meaning of hard work & getting your hands dirty to get the job done. In 1984 there was a miners’ strike and at this point Vic decided to undertake part time taxi driving work, which he continued to do for a number of years & thoroughly enjoying his time on the road with customers.

In time, redundancies were inevitable at the colliery and having been offered a voluntary redundancy package, Vic took this opportunity and wisely used the money he received to purchase a Hackney licence for the Cannock area, by this time working full time as a taxi driver.

Cannock Chase Council eventually deregulated the licensing law which allowed private hire vehicles to become Hackney Carriage taxis. Vic grabbed the bull by the horns, seized the opportunity and formed his own taxi company – TV Taxis.
It was very much a family business from the start with Vic’s brothers Les & George working alongside him, and before long other coal miners also decided to join the company which led to the business’s fleet growing at speed and with a wide variety of vehicles under it's wing from Ford Orions to the original London cab.

Over the years, Vic has continued to strive to achieve the best for his business, including providing consistent customer service and wisely using working capital in the business to further expand and continually improve, thus successfully maintaining a strong & regular customer base.

In recent years Vic introduced his son Yan to TV Taxis. Yan is a pivotal member of the company and hopes to take the business even further by bringing a fresh pair of young eyes to the business, and yet by having Vic as his father, also has the same good old fashioned value which form the basis of TV Taxis and which mean so much to Vic and his customers.

To date, TV Taxis has a bigger fleet than ever with vehicles now including the only London cab in the district plus other wheelchair accessible vehicles, 7 seaters for larger customer groups and estate cars.

TV Taxis continues to grow from strength to strength, undeterred by local competition and economic challenges, and will undoubtedly be at the forefront of new technology and automotive improvements in years to come, whilst continuing to offer excellent service to its customers, led by a strong family team with the same goals and dreams for the future of the business.

Our New App

Our New App has now been release on iPhones and Android devices.

Our New Ghost System

We have had a new Taxi dispatch system with numerous benfits for both us as a company and you, our customers. The most noticable new feature is our text back feature that texts you first when you taxi has been dispatched, confirming your pickup location and informing you of the colour, make, model and registration number of the Car that is on the way to you. The second text lets you know that your taxi is outside and once again confirms the car that has arrived, just incase we decided to send a different car to you and also tells you the drivers name.


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